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Military Parachute Training

Elite military parachute training is an area in which Cerberus has extensive knowledge and experience. Cerberus are associated with MFF Solutions and are involved with training military special forces around the world. These include the US Navy Seals, US Air Force CCT/PJ, US Marines and Canadian Military Parachute School Read more

Military parachute photography supplied by Darren at McTeams photography – for more information contact Cerberus


Civilian Parachute Training

Parachute training can be arranged in one of the best drop zones in the US, across the UK and anywhere in the world. Working with Skydive International, Cerberus can offer their parachuting skills in London and across Europe.

If you are unable to visit us, Cerberus can bring their services to you, using local airfields and facilities. For more information about having Cerberus work in your environment and at your location please contact us. Read more


Parachute Training

With a Special Forces background, Cerberus have acquired an array of specialist skills, and through years of experience and knowledge are able to offer a number of parachute training services, including civilian parachute training, instruction and examination. Cerberus is accredited by both the BPA (British Parachute Association) and USPA (United States Parachute Association).

Cerberus supply specialist Parachute consultancy and skills for movie production.


One of the films we have worked on has won a IOV AwardView the film which won the award and features our Parachute skills.

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Award Winning Film


View the award winning film featuring our Parachute skills more

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Military Tandem
Tethered Bundle (MTTB)

allows one parachutist the ability to deliver a payload of up to 400 pounds with pinpoint accuracy more

Skydive International

are now able to offer skydiving in Europe more